Welcome to The Mogul

The Mogul Indian Restaurant & Takeaway today symbolizes to the traditional home made curry flavors in the U.K. We are Located in the 66 Terrace Road, Surrey. We warmly welcome you to try our famous Chicken Jalfrezi, Tikka Massala and Lamb Shashlick; all very popular among our regular patrons.

If you would like to know what is Mughal Court Cooking? then those truly interested in the art of “Indian” food will know that the artists in this field are largely Bangladeshies and majority of Bangladeshi, Indian style of preparing food has Afghan/Turkish/Iranian roots-legacy of Muslims rules in South East Asia. The Nawab of Bangla had greater usage of spices similar to their Indian counterparts(Mughal's).

We at The Mogul Indian Restaurant & Takeaway today designed our menu to bring out the best Mughals traditions of India and Bangladeshi cooking which lies in harmony with the vast international experience of our head chef. Our aim is to give you food cooked to the highest standards, assuring the highest level of hygiene and customer satisfaction.

We are serious in maintaining highest standard and use clean, dry and leak-proof food container with all necessary hygenic factors in consideration. We are also commited to delivery your food in warm and within 20 minutes of cooking into your door step.

Please Note: We offer Free delivery within 3 mile radius. Any order for delivery outside our free 3 mile radius will cost extra delivery charge.